Campervan Myths - Some Mistruths About Campervan Trips

We are sure you have heard all the old stories about campervans - let us sort fact from fiction for you

As Spring unfolds across the country many people begin to think about that long overdue summer holiday - and make the preparations for the perfect retreat from the stresses and strains of modern life. The time available for relaxing during your vacation is finite - so it's extremely important to be well-prepared. Overseas travel is incredibly popular - but we are convinced that it simply is not necessary, you can experience a fabulous holiday right here in Ireland. You may be skeptical when it comes to holidays that are caravan-related - but we can shed some light on the common misconceptions that surround this sort of vacation.

Misconception Number 1:

You Need to Plan Where you are going to Stay

If you feel more comfortable planning ahead then there's no reason not to - but an RV/Campervan holiday is all about spontaneity. Follow your heart - there are many a pub or farm shop that will reward an inquiry about space for an overnight berth - and there are plenty of wild spaces that are perfect for an overnight stop. Many of these options are free, and there is also always the option of staying over at one of the many campsites that are spread throughout Ireland.  

The best part of Campervan or RV trip is the fact that you get to enjoy endless variety. One day you might be overnighting watching the sunset over the sparkling ocean and the next evening might see you admiring the rolling green hills of the Irish countryside - all without the burden of pre-booking or setting up a tent as the night draws in. This ability to be spontaneous is one of the reasons that people make RVs and Campervans part of their leisure lifestyle.

When you get there, use your bicycle to get around with ease - see everything you need to know about a campervan trip with a bicycle.

Misconception Number #2

Campervans are Chilly.

Older models of Campervans may have lacked when it comes to insulation and warmth, but thankfully, modern manufacturing methods and materials have ensured that this is simply no longer the case. If you find yourself in a campervan or RV that was manufactured in the last 15 years you will be enclosed by Grade 3 cladding. Increasing the temperature of from an extremely chilly zero to 25°C within two hours - you'll be toasty in no time.  

In fact, caravans, RVs, and Campervans are quicker to heat than most homes and boast state-of-the-art thermal insulation that makes temperature maintenance a breeze. Myths regarding the heating of caravans and similar vehicles are simply untrue in relation to newer models.

Misconception Number #3

Good Overnight Spots are Hard to Find

Finding a great camping site is one of the most common concerns for those who are new to the Campervan, caravan, or RV experience. However, it's a worry that should not dominate your thinking. The truth of the matter is that quality campsites in Ireland are easy to find. Ireland has a wealth of options - in fact, it's difficult to think of a destination more welcoming to those enjoying the caravaning or Campervan experience. There's even better news - in most cases, these campsites will have vacant spots available.

Misconception Number #4

Prices Quoted For Campervan Hire are Misleading - There are always Hidden Costs  

There is nothing worse than having your heart set on a particular type of holiday only to get a rude awakening when it comes to checkout - and you realise that you owe twice as much as you had budgeted for. Hiding costs and relying on small print is the way many Campervan hire companies do business - but Rambling Rover is committed to complete customer transparency. The price that you are quoted includes booking fees, and insurance and makes allowance for breakdown services. The cost to you will be broken down when you book with us, so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing how much your Campervan is going to cost before you hit the 'Book Now' button. There will be additional costs related to optional extras such as tents or bedding, or fire pits.  

Misconception Number #5

There's Dirt Everywhere

A generation ago people were not as well-informed when it came to waste disposal as they are today. campsites must also shoulder their share of the blame when it comes to making responsible waste disposal easier for those who are using the site. However, today the situation is very different. Campsites emphasize recycling and make it easier for visitors to dispose of their waste accordingly. You simply will not be surrounded by other people's rubbish during your campervan trip - meaning that your vacation will deliver on the promise of having fun in great surroundings.  

See our simple guide to clean your campervan.

Misconception Number #6

Motorhome/RV/Campervan Holidays are 'Cheap'

Do the numbers. Add up how much your RV or Campervan trip is going to cost, and the myth that this sort of vacation is only suitable for those looking for the 'cheap and cheerful' will quickly be proved false. If you are going to be purchasing a campervan and not hiring then your costs are going to skyrocket. You'll also be paying for overnighting at campsites and fuel/specialized equipment. A Campervan or RV holiday is not for those in search of the 'ultra-cheap' option, it's an option for those who want to explore the wonders of the open road. It's a passion - and provides a sense of freedom that other vacation options simply cannot match.

Misconception Number #7

The Views are just 'Meh'

Comparing the views available in the United Kingdom (and Europe) with those vistas available to travelers in other parts of the world leads some to believe that the UK and Ireland are lacking in the views department - we cannot disagree more strongly. It'll come down to the location - do your research and it will soon become apparent that Ireland (in particular) boasts campsites with some of the most spectacular views available anywhere.  

The Irish countryside is widely recognized as one of the most scenic in the world. Fields stretch to the far horizon and on a warm, summer's day, pristine sandy beaches (that are superior to those available in France or along the Mediterranean coast) await exploration or a day spent simply lazing in the sun.

Misconception Number #8

'I Don't Like Camping - I'll Hate a Campervan'

A Campervan allows you to experience the freedom of camping and the comfort of a great B&B at the same time. It's a sort of mobile form of 'Glamping' (Glamorous Camping - it's a thing). A Campervan is your mobile home from home. You get to choose the view at the end of the day's travel, sea, sand, mountain, and rolling fields - it is entirely up to you. When you are in a Campervan or RV you are the Master of your destiny. Our Campervans also have all the comforts of home. There are cooking facilities and great beds. The majority of our Campervans have bathrooms (or an outdoor shower) - and some even boast mod cons such as projectors and built in sound systems for even more entertainment and leisure options.  

Campervans have also been carefully designed to make the most of the space available, they boast pull-out tables, overlapping bunks, and even flip-up tables and work surfaces. You'll have all the comfort and convenience of home.

Misconception Number #9

Campervan Holidays are too Unstructured

It's the freedom to set your own agenda that makes a Campervan holiday so special. However, should you feel more comfortable with a more structured vacation then all is not lost. Campervan's offer you the freedom to enjoy those sites you have on your holiday bucket list - but also provides the freedom to enjoy a holiday that meets your unique requirements as far as structure is concerned. Explore at your leisurely whim - or have an itinerary that provides that structure you want. It doesn't matter what approach you take - a Campervan holiday will provide you with memories and stories that will enliven conversation for many years to come.

Misconception Number #10

Campervanners are so old

It's unarguable that there are a fair share of retirees that have chosen to spend their Golden Years enjoying the nomadic lifestyle made possible by RVs and Campervans. The attraction is obvious - spending much of the year on holiday is the stuff of dreams. However, the truth of the matter is that those who enjoy this sort of vacation are drawn from all age groups, and backgrounds. Members of the community include young couples with children and mixed-generation families, all enjoying the campervan experience.    

It's also common for people to incorporate the Campervan or Motorhome lifestyle as part of enjoying hobbies and pastimes that they enjoy. This is not a lifestyle that is reserved for older people. In fact, the Campervan community is tremendously varied. There are Formula 1 drivers, actors, Rock Stars, and Motorcycle racing enthusiasts.

Misconception Number #11

It's difficult to drive a Campervan

Parking a lorry and parking a car involve different approaches. Driving a Campervan is something that you get used to very quickly. Apply the basics of driving a family sedan safely and your Campervan experience will be a relaxed and fun affair. A rewarding campervan driving experience means paying attention to the basics like:

- Making appropriate use of turn signals and mirrors

- Choosing your lane well in advance of changing

- Being aware of the size of the Campervan and turning limitations

- Awareness of underpass and bridge height restrictions

- Being aware of any speed limit restrictions that might apply to Campervan type vehicles

However, never lose sight of the fact that you are on vacation. Take it easy, shelve the impatience that is so much a part of modern life, and stop rushing. your holiday will be spent admiring views and discovering new sights - the driving differences between your average passenger car and a campervan or RV are not as much of an issue as you think they will be.

Misconception Number #12

Cooking in a Campervan is Stressful

Think of your Campervan as a food truck or mobile restaurant (with great sleeping facilities). Take your place in the beach parking lot, enjoy the view and the snacks that you have prepared in a cosy modern kitchenette.

Some people are under the mistaken impression that a Campervan will limit what sorts of meals or snacks you can make, but the truth is that a modern Campervan has everything you need to whip up a first-class, no-stress meal. Our campervan hire in Ireland also have fixed hobs, and most have built-in fridges, ovens, and grills. If you can cook it at home - you can cook it in a Campervan. If you are the proud owner of a Campervan and cooking sounds like too much of a daily chore then add a small Pizza Oven to the fixtures (and enjoy a cheat night of frozen Supermarket pizza) - the options are almost endless.