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Swift Edge 466

Swift Edge 466

6 Berth automatic with garage

The Swift Edge 466 offers you the perfect way to explore as a family or large group thanks to its 6 berth set up with garage. Enjoy luxury living while on the road with 3 double beds or 2 doubles and 2 singles - whatever you choose. The perfect choice for a big gang on the move!

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Swift Edge 476

Swift Edge 476

6 Berth automatic with garage

To the rear of the 476 you have two fixed singles which can be easily converted to a spacious double using the infill section. The dinette converts into a double with another double just above the cabin. Enjoy extra storage space with a garage! A great choice for up to six travellers.

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Swift Edge 494

Swift Edge 494

4 Berth automatic

The Swift Edge 494 makes for the perfect 4 berth campervan to explore in luxury. With a fixed transverse double bed to the rear and an abundance of lounge space the 494 has plenty of space to accommodate you with ease. An overcab double bed makes it the perfect option for 4 with room to spare!

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Autoquest 196

Autoquest 196

6 person

The Autoquest 196 is a superb low-line 6-berth with electric drop-down bed over the large front lounge. In addition, it features a family-size kitchen and bathroom amidships and a lovely light rear lounge which makes up into a huge double bed. The Autoquest 196, of course, has 6 dedicated seatbelts so the whole family can travel in safety. This layout is the perfect option for adventurous families!

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Autoquest 194

Autoquest 194

4 person with garage

The rear of the 194 has a raised sleeping area, which can be used as two single beds - or, using the infill sections supplied, a luxury double. Beneath this is a sizeable garage, with exterior access. At the front, the parallel lounge seats four (with foldaway travel seats) and converts to a further double bed. A great alternative for two or four travellers.

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Autoquest 155

Autoquest 155

4 person fixed bed

The Autoquest 155 low-line campervan offers the luxury of a fixed bed and lots of lounging space with additional fold-out travel seats so four can travel in safety. This layout is the perfect option for two or four!

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Autoquest 150

Autoquest 150

4 person fixed bed

The new Autoquest 150 boasts an extending island bed, flanked by capacious wardrobes, creating a bright and comfortable living space. The front lounge converts into a further double bed, with foldaway Aguti travel seats beneath the bench seating – the perfect option for up to four!

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Learn Just Why You Need to Travel in an Ireland Campervan Hire

A campervan hire holiday is an ideal way to economically tour different parts of the country and meet people along the way. Once you have fully experienced the "campervan lifestyle, you will quickly come to the conclusion that it is a fantastic way to explore different destinations, while enjoying the advantages that come along with RV living. Keep reading to find out more about our top reasons to tour Ireland in a hired campervan.

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#1 It Becomes Easier To Explore More Of Ireland in A camper van Rental

The main issue relating to getting around Ireland by transfer or bus is that you are often missing out on many "in-between" moments.

For us, many in-between bits in towns and cities, such as amazing mountain views and rolling hills are far better than either the city or the town itself.

Bus journeys offer the opportunity to view parts of Ireland from a window on a 5-hour journey, but it's not very likely that you will actually be doing this. Personally, when we use buses, we quickly start feeling bored and sick, which means we often end up trying to sleep, listen to or watch something, to try and pass the time. When you are in your own vehicle, this changes everything since you are in control, and you get the time to really engage in your surroundings.

#2 Your Campervan for Hire is a Home Away From Home

In a campervan hire, you have the freedom to do what you want and to take everything that you need to make your journey more comfortable. A luxury campervan allows you to take a break or stop whenever you feel like it. You can also choose to travel around parts of Europe or France which gives you an opportunity to learn about new cultures throughout your journey. The best part about this is that you won't be needing to cart around heavy suitcases, check into or out of a hotel, or have to search for somewhere to eat. With a fully stocked Ireland campervan rental, you will have everything that you need.


#3 You Get To Control Your Schedule During Your Camper Van Hire

You will also discover that you can easily squeeze in a lot more when you are in a motor home hire in Ireland when compared to having to stick to a timetable set out by a touring company or having to stick to bus timetables.

When you are travelling in your own vehicle, you make the decision on whether you want to stay for longer or when to leave. You can eliminate having to wait for many hours in either a city or town, especially when you don't want to be there anymore, and you won't have to waste time waiting for all the passengers to board a bus after a stop to take pictures.

The best part of travelling in a motor home hire in Ireland is that you get to choose how often you want to stop and the roads you would like to take.

Most of the top spots that you can discover in Ireland arise from taking small country roads rather than more touristy and bigger routes. Go to visit Ireland's west coast, county Clare, Northern Ireland, the Guinness Storehouse, some stunning scenery, get off the beaten track and discover some hidden gems. Go down the east coast, rent an Ireland campervan in Dublin and go from there. The east coast is the ideal starting point.

Choosing to tour rural parts of the Emerald Isle is a real treat and it offers the opportunity to take pictures that actually mean something to you, far from the crowds of tourists at most of the rest points.

#4 Much Easier If You Are Travelling With Your Family in a Campervan Rental

Children feel a lot more comfortable travelling in a campervan. Long flights or car journeys often make kids fidgety and irritable, since they are forced to stay in one spot for many hours without the comforts of home.

In a motorhome, you can choose to stop whenever you need to, allowing your kids to stretch their legs, get rid of some of their energy, and eat a meal when it suits your family. They can also draw pictures or play games while you are driving the motorhome. This mode of travel also allows for a way for your family to enjoy outdoor adventures in a safe campsite environment.

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#5 It Is Easy To Find Campgrounds

Campgrounds are easily accessible and available throughout Europe. It offers the perfect opportunity to meet new people that are also engaging in the same camper rentals experience. Whether you are in Ireland's west coast, Dublin, or wherever, there are an abundance of government-owned, public, and private campgrounds on offer. There is also a membership scheme you can take advantage of that provides invitations from winemakers and farmers along with many other interesting spots and venues.

#6 Enjoy Nature To The Fullest

Hire in Ireland offers one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. You can choose from a variety of fun and entertaining outdoor activities or follow a guide or itinerary to discover what Ireland has to offer.

#7 Camper Hire Is Cheaper Than Hotels And Car Rentals

Comparison research has discovered that your Ireland campervan hire is much cheaper when compared to travelling by airline or car and staying in hotels. You can fly to Dublin airport and pick up your camper, explore at your own pace, enjoy Ireland's Atlantic coast, use your own kitchen or dine out and then just return the motorhome to our drop off locations.


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