How to prepare for a summer of campervan touring

Learn how to prepare for a summer of campervan touring

The warm summer breeze is hinting at us from just around the corner, urging us to start anticipating our upcoming expeditions towards various endearing destinations worldwide. However, before we give ourselves over completely to wanderlust's irresistible's important that we prepare our beloved campervans accordingly first! It is quite common for many older camper models (and their younger counterparts too) to retreat into storage during winter hibernation periods; upon emerging back into daylight after extended dormancy - a little maintenance here and there may be necessary! 

Regardless of whether it’s cleaning out your cooker or checking critical items like NCT certification or a recent servicing date - being meticulous with all these little things will ensure peace of mind when you eventually set off towards broadly unknown territories. Regular vehicle usage is vital as engines are designed to function with frequent excursions and not be parked indefinitely. Any mechanical issues or build-up of dust/mould may have been stewing in your vehicle over the winter, which could lead to an unexpected emergency later on. Poor maintenance will likely result in a summer "road horror story" for other motorists who may encounter a neglected vehicle - owners beware! Also, just because your vehicle look's immaculate does not mean it is invincible- classic air-cooled vehicles have been known to end up as fiery infernos by the side of the road due to poor maintenance.

Check for cracks on the body or sealant

Your motorhome should remain safe during storage or winterisation if done correctly. Yet storing it in a cold garage increases the chances of damage from freezing temperatures. Consider inspecting the roof closely along with all windows, vents, doors and air conditioners for cracks or calcification - regardless of how small they might appear as minor cracks contribute significantly towards damaging your RV! In case there are any defects found on the body surface while scrutinising the motorhome closely - make sure they are dealt with immediately. Some quick fixes involving fillers might suffice but make sure you try them at home only when you're confident enough with proper knowledge. 

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Check your tyres

Ensuring your vehicle is equipped with functioning tyres before heading out translates into safer journeys - thereby preventing untoward disasters on the roads ahead. Even if you possess high-quality tires warehoused away for months on end will eventually deflate requiring timely attention regarding inflation levels prior to driving off again. Ignorance concerning deflated tires reduces steering capacity and increases risks of sudden tyre bursts or road accidents. Folks need to be vigilant of excessive tire wear & tear, any unusual obstacles that may leave lumps and bumps in the tread and any loose or unattached wheel nuts. Regardless of the mileage put on your tires, a few years’ worth of environmental wear & tear usually result in cracking along its sidewalls which can prove hazardous.

Check the gas and water systems

Your safety as you embark on a journey with your motorhome is of utmost importance; hence maintaining its roadworthiness should be taken seriously by conducting an extensive review and cleaning of your gas installation system. Before checking any of your gas-powered devices or appliances, please ensure that all hoses are undamaged and connecting firmly without leakage issues. 

You can then ignite these devices- however, before doing so observe cautionary measures by ensuring that flames from these devices appear blue rather than orange since orange flames could indicate excess air entering into its combustion chamber which could constitute safety risks for its users- It would be safer if certified gas installers recommend further inspection if necessary. Besides checking up on gas systems during background checks for the roadworthiness of motorhomes, other key things should include inspecting water systems and making sure all installations within them remain firmly fixed to avoid leaks along connected pipelines. 

Once all devices are secured and you proceed to turn on your water pump to pressurise the system, your motorhome will automatically switch off once it senses that all is working fine. Although, if by chance the pump switches back on briefly during the inspection, please carry out a thorough survey and search for possible leaks- as this would forestall unfortunate future events.

Tips for spring cleaning your motorhome

It's imperative to inspect your motorhome meticulously before heading out on your next excursion –ensuring that any unwanted intruders such as insects or rodents (or even humans who couldn't bear to leave!) don't accompany you. 

Little spaces are treasured by creepy crawlers so scrutinising every opening occurs in which plumbing or electrical cables can provide entry points is crucial. 

Regular maintenance cleaning alongside pre-trip cleanliness is essential when it comes to enabling successful trips with your mobile home. Cleanliness means adequately washing beddings joined with curtains alongside cushions frequently used during previous expeditions. 

Wiping away all dust accumulated throughout wintertime from floors, windowsills plus door openings creates a healthy and welcoming spring environment at the beginning of the travel season. Start afresh this season with an expansive thorough spring cleaning!

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Check your vehicle NCT & insurance

Ensuring the safety of both yourself and other road users is crucial when driving. Despite being organised and prepared it's easy to overlook important tasks, specifically checking if your vehicle is fit for public roads in Ireland and abroad. In the UK vehicles that have exceeded 40 years since their manufacturing date are exempt from having a valid MOT certificate. This implies that if your vehicle was produced in or before the same month of 1982 (if you are reading this in 2022 or after) determining whether or not to subject it to an MOT is your responsibility.

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Bringing out the Awning

In case you own a motorhome equipped with an awning mechanism, it is appropriate to take time and scrutinise it carefully for any possible tears or damages regularly. If you are experiencing impediments regarding opening your canopy shelter, seeking professional help should be your go-to option. The process of getting your cover changed could prove overwhelming if tackled without proper training; thus several specialists have a pre-existing experience in such situations, making it wise to consider their services instead. Having access to adequate shade, especially during scalding temperatures experienced in summer tends to matter profoundly - ensure that your entire rig goes undamaged.

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Battery charges

Taking measures for safety and comfort should be any traveller's top priority when on a journey towards adventure. Regular check-ups of all electrical items and appliances are necessary before embarking on a trip. However, one must put extra focus on inspecting both standard starter and leisure batteries since the winter season can result in loss of charge or complete discharge. Neglecting battery maintenance could pose problems at bedtime when trying to set up after such extended periods of disuse in low-light situations.

Engine checks

Regularly inspecting your motorhome before a long trip is essential for ensuring its roadworthiness. Before setting off, check all fluid levels and start the engine to make sure there are no warning lights or other problems that could affect you whilst driving. If necessary, carry out maintenance yourself with your own toolkit or else visit a trusted mechanic who can sort it out for you quickly and easily. Finally, remember to update any insurance policies so if anything does go wrong while on route then you can rest easy knowing that cover will be available in case of emergencies.

Windows and air vents

Pay special attention to the seals around windows and air vents so that you can start your journey with fresh, well-ventilated air. Keeping motorhomes ventilated is essential for a comfortable summer experience. Take time before any trip to check all windows and air vents are sealed properly - this will let in plenty of refreshing airflows while keeping out unwanted draughts! With simple routine maintenance, your travels will be filled with cool breezes throughout the warm months ahead.

Safety devices

Make sure the vital safety products such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers are all up to date. Regularly test these devices for proper functioning and check that their batteries need replacing. Know how to stay safe in an emergency situation by following any established safety protocols you have set out along with knowing the symptoms of CO poisoning prevention measures should a potential hazard arise. Don't take chances when it comes to your loved ones' security; being proactive could save lives.

Carpets, curtains and upholstery

Say goodbye to bad odours with a thorough check of your upholstery, carpets and curtains. Potential signs of dampness can be an indication of deeper underlying issues or a signal that it's time for a home refresh – the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit!

Cassette blinds

Checking the cassette blinds and cab curtains of your motorhome can save you a great deal of frustration in the future. Give them all a try to see how they work, making sure that everything still fits snugly; if not, then replacements may be necessary. Don’t wait until it is too late - take preventative measures now!

Memberships and passes

Making sure you have your trusted memberships and passes with you before going on holiday can save a world of hassle. From National Trust to the Camping & Caravanning Club, not forgetting renewals avoids unnecessary frustration while away. Keep them handy for stress-free holidays - enjoy!

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