Activities For Rainy Days In A Campervan

Keep yourself entertained during a wet day in your campervan

Waking up on a dark and rainy day is certainly one way to dull your mood. When you're in your campervan and you wake up in the morning to a rainy day, it can be quite discouraging. Unfortunately, the rain often comes when you're not expecting it. However, this doesn't mean that all is lost. There are still many things you can do on a rainy day in your motorhome.

Of course, you will need to change up your routine for the day. It is best to look at the things you typically don't do or don't have time to do on normal days.

We have come up with a few tips that you can do on a rainy day in your camper during your van life trip. These activities will keep you engaged, and stimulated and keep you occupied until the weather clears up.

Look at the forecast

camper weather forecast

Be sure to check the forecast before you go on a trip with your campervan. Even though this may seem like an obvious tip, many people often forget to do it and miss the future weather conditions.

Once you know the predicted weather, you can adjust your plans according to these predictions. This means stocking up on waterproof items or clothing, packing extra sunscreen, etc.

Rain can be a lot of fun if you bring suitable entertainment to enjoy.

Now, if the weather forecast indicates that there is going to be a lot of snow, flood, or even a storm, it is best to cancel your trip and schedule it for another date.

Make plans for days off

While you're on your campervan holiday, you should regularly check the forecast. Be sure to create plans for rainy days such as trips to various restaurants, museums, art galleries, and more. Once you have a bad weather, it is best to spend it somewhere indoors such as in the city.

Puzzles and board games

Another excellent activity that you can do on rainy days is play board games and do puzzles. These provide a lot of distractions that can stimulate your mind and get the family to interact with one another. There are lots of great games to play such as Chess, Monopoly, etc. or even card games. These can easily provide many hours of fun.

Relax in Your Camper During Bad Weather

campervan ireland weather

Bad days in your campervan makes an excellent time to sit back and relax.

You can simply relax in bed, enjoy some tea and look at the rain falling outside. Simply listening to the raindrops on your roof is quite relaxing.

Another great idea is to write in your journal or have interesting conversations that you've been delaying.

Most people spend too much time looking at their smartphones. So, taking some time away from your phone and relaxing in your campervan is a fantastic way to relax and wind down.

Enjoy a good book

Due to the easy digital access to books, it takes a lot less time to read them. However, if there is a particular book that you loved in the past, bringing it with you and reading it on for wet weather can make you forget about the terrible weather. You can lose yourself in the story of Tom Sawyer who was a great adventurer and see yourself as being the same. If you want to have access to multiple books and lighten your load, consider taking a tablet or kindle so that you can read any book you desire. If you have kids, be sure to pack a couple of great comic books that are sure to make them happy.

Sit Back and watch a good movie

Whenever you're packing for your vacation, be sure to take a couple of good movies that you want to watch along with you.

Consider classics such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Singing in the Rain, etc. Be sure to pack some popcorn and your favourite blanket so that you can relax in your motorhome hire Ireland and enjoy the movie.

Be sure to have enough battery power for whatever device you'll be watching the movie on. You should also either download the movie or ensure you have WiFi to stream it.

Now, once you're traveling with any electronics, be sure to get campervan insurance. This will ensure you're well protected from theft or losing it in any way. Try the Banshees of Inisherin, filmed on Inis Mor and Achill Island.

Get Crafty

If you enjoy crafting such as knitting, painting, origami, etc, then this is a great way to spend a day when it is raining cats outside in your campervan.

There are many compact craft supplies you can get such as a small paint set and a small canvas or pad.

Additionally, when you're done crafting, you'll have something to remind you of your trip.

Visit the pub

Pubs aren't only meant for drinking after work.

A warm pub is a great place to be on a wet day. This is especially true if they offer warm food and drinks along with a fireplace.

You can even take a book or game with you when visiting the pub or simply visit one that already has these things. If you don't want to visit a pub, consider going to a local cafe or local shops and enjoying some hot cocoa and pastries as a way to get out and avoid cabin fever. Ireland is full of famous pubs to visit like Johnny Foxes in the Dublin Mountains or Tom Crean's pub, The South Pole Inn, in Kerry.

Go In The Rain

rainy days in a campervan

One of the best ways to enjoy a wet day is to actually go out in it and enjoy it! Simply having a walk in the rain is very relaxing and completely refreshing. It can drastically boost your mood. If you have young kids, then you definitely can't have them in the campervan all day. Going out in the rain will allow everyone to decompress and burn out some energy. Once everyone is done playing in the rain, be sure to get dry and serve some hot drinks and snacks to warm up.

Cook or bake

There is nothing better than cooking and baking so you can enjoy your homemade meals. Simply cooking and filling the campervan with delicious smells, is a great way to spend a wet day. If you love pastries, you can even spend time making them and perfecting your art. Food is certainly life, especially on a wet day!

What should you pack in case of rainy weather?

As mentioned above, be sure to pack books, craft supplies, books, a campervan awning, and other motorhome equipment. These will go a long way in helping you through wet weather.

The awning will shelter you from the sun but also provide extra space for you to use when it's raining. It will allow you to be outside without getting wet.

Be sure to also pack a drying rack as this can help you to dry your wet clothes quickly. If you're going to a campsite, check if they have tumble dryers that you can use.

The clothes that you pack should also be fast drying, and you need quick dry towels too to make life easier. Don't forget to also pack extra blankets that you can use to keep warm during a cold and rainy day or night.

Another way to keep warm is to use wool socks. These are quite small so they won't use much space and warm you if you get wet feet.

Once the rain stops, be sure to air the van out. However, ensure that the interior of the van doesn't get damp.

You can even use your rainy day to clean your campervan. This can help make the rest of your trip more enjoyable since campervans can get dirty very quickly.