9 Reasons You Need a Campervan Adventure

See our reasons you need to go on a campervan road trip for your next holiday

Throughout Europe and many countries, campervan and motorhome travelling have increased tenfold. Of course, it's hardly a surprise that people enjoy the flexibility and freedom that this type of travel allows! Motorhome travelling provides the fun experience of planning a road trip while having all of the luxury and facilities of home made available. There's no reason that your next sightseeing trip shouldn't be done in comfort with all of the facilities you need!

Below, you will find our top nine reasons for travelling by campervan or motorhome!

1. Go For A New Experience

A motorhome or campervan holiday is a bucket list adventure that most people want to check off in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, when they need to make the final decisions in regards to planning their vacation, usually, campervan holidays go to the back of the list as relaxing on the beach seems more favourable. Of course, very few actually consider that campervan travelling can be just as relaxing as any coastal holiday while allowing you and your family to have fun.

The new ideas and experiences that are implemented during campervan trips can help expand your horizons. They make you a better rounded individual while also allowing you to plan more adventurous outings for next time.

2. Go Travelling In Comfort

Camping and road trips are amongst two of the most commonly booked holidays, but the one thing they both seem to lack is comfort! Even if you splurge on a solid sleeping bag or a camping chair, it can cause achy and painful joints by the end of your trip. One way to solve these problems and to travel in optimum comfort is to rent a campervan!

All motorhomes and campervans are found in a myriad of sizes while also having a number of facilities that make them feel closer to home. For example, the right motorhome can have a mini fridge, kitchenette area, shower area, and even heating or cooling based on your climate. You can choose a luxury camper for hire, but also consider lower-end and more affordably priced options during your trip. Based on your budget, you can select the facilities and the amount of comfort you require. In short, there's no reason to sleep on the dark forest floor!

Hiring a motorhome is a great way to save you and your family money. Though there are upfront hiring costs to think about, you won't need to pay for additional vehicles or accommodations during your holiday. You can choose to camp in the wilderness or opt for a more organised campsite that may cost money, but sure is cheaper than any hotel! Plus, since you have all of that space in your motorhome, you can load up on your favourite foods and essentials that would otherwise cost a small fortune when hiring other accommodations.

3. Freedom To Explore However And Wherever You Want

A motorhome holiday allows you to expand your horizons and explore any region or area based on your personal preferences. You're not bound by any schedule such as checkout times at your hotel, and of course, you can stay longer or leave faster if you prefer to check out another area. How much and when you want to travel are at your own discretion, and if you choose a company for hire with an unlimited mileage option, you can further reduce travel costs!

4. Enjoy The Sweet Taste Of Freedom

You have so much freedom when it comes to a motorhome holiday. You're not bound by clock watching and you have plenty of flexibility to drive at your own pace. Plus, if you're not one for designing strict travel itineraries, this type of travelling can seriously appeal to your spontaneous nature! Travelling Scotland by motorhome allows you to choose any number of highly recommended and rated campsites that allow you to bond with other travellers while relaxing in your new luxury accommodation.

campervan freedom

Of course, freedom camping does require a great deal of sensibility and responsibility. This basically means that whatever you choose to use during your stay at a campsite, make sure to clean it up, take it with you or properly dispose of it. For all of our clients looking to hire one of our motorhomes, we offer a complimentary guide that details camping etiquette to make it easier to know how to behave in an ethical manner. See how to plan your road trip today!

5. Take Everything With You

Taking a holiday by car or plane limits your ability to pack your favourite essentials for the journey ahead. Fortunately, with a motorhome, you have the ability to take anything and everything that you want with you! From that favourite kitchen equipment to that foldable outdoor picnic table, you can stash it all away inside the vehicle. You can make your adventure more comfortable by bringing along the comforts of home such as favourite blankets, books, clothes, and even cooking spices. Plus, you have access to everything you could ever need in one location, and that greatly eliminates the need for packing and unpacking your luggage.

You can also reduce the risk of theft or losing any items that you take with you. Having the ability to properly house even the smallest of items can make your trip fun and enjoyable while eliminating undue stress.

6. Get Closer To Nature!

Motorhome travelling allows you to explore the world in a completely different way than if you were bound by an itinerary or social customs. From driving on the simple open road to discovering the rugged cliffs of Scotland, you can go be one with nature! Watch the night sky or listen to the chirping of the crickets because it's all within your reach. Plus, you no longer have to dread stormy weather, but rather, embrace it by watching the rain from underneath the protection of your awning. You can even make a fresh pot of coffee while you listen to the twittering birds or consider hiking an off-the-beaten-path trail.

Do you prefer cycling? Motorhomes and cycling offer the perfect balance between discovering the hidden trails of Europe and getting more in touch with nature. Plus, if you're sick of pitching tents or being forced to sleep in a sleeping bag, taking a motorhome glamping approach to your next adventure is a good start!

It's absolutely possible to hire a home one wheels that make glamping completely doable. From a fully stocked shower room to cooking and eating equipment as well as a comfy bed, everything is within your reach. Sure, sometimes, you may have to use certain items for double-duty, but you don't have to concern yourself with the potential for inclement weather and you can certainly avoid having to tighten the ropes of your pitched tent!

7. Spend More Time With Your Hobbies

Motorhome glamping is a fantastic way to also hone your favourite hobbies or enhance your skills. You may be thinking— how do I do that? Well, motorhome travelling allows you to brush up on your photography skills, for example. Having the ability to drive around to different locations can get your creative juices flowing while the stunning sunrises and sunsets will allow you to capture those perfect ideal moments on camera. Plus, you can easily take a break, drink coffee or eat your breakfast before heading off to your next favourite location.

Likewise, artists inspired by nature can also make use of this time to dedicate new efforts to their favourite hobby. You can sketch or paint your fresh surroundings by easily propping up your table or while relaxing in your camping chair. Having the right amount of space inside of a motorhome opens up a whole new world of possibilities, regardless of what your hobbies or aspirations are. Whether you enjoy mountain climbing, skiing, fishing, cycling, kayaking, birdwatching, orienteering, and astronomy, you can easily pack the necessary equipment to use anywhere!

8. Disconnect From Modernity

Enhance your mental health and well-being by disconnecting and taking time away from the modern world. What makes the Scottish Highlands such a fantastic travel destination is that unwinding and relaxing are a necessity as you won't have access to a mobile signal! Instead of being constantly connected to the world online via text and social media, you can truly unwind and let yourself experience your favourite book or magazine in an immersive way. Of course, you can also simply choose to embrace the solitude of silence and take a nap! You don't have to worry about missing out on anything because everything will still be around when you return home, but you'll feel more refreshed and ready to embrace the urban energy.

9. Take Your Pet With You

Take your furry family member along with you on your holiday by choosing a motorhome or a van for hire. From forest tracks to stunning coastal beaches, your furry friend can also enjoy the same sights and sounds that you do! Our luxury motorhomes are ideal accommodations for those looking to take their pets along for their planned holidays— free of charge! The only thing we ask is that you check out our rules and guidelines for camping etiquette. See our tips for bringing your dog on the road with you.

dog in campervan

This method of travelling is a solid way to ensure that no member of your family is left behind! Many popular accommodations and attractions don't allow tourists to being their pets along, which is why motorhomes for hire strike the perfect balance between affordability and the right kind of accommodation. There are many facilities that you can opt for within your motorhome or campervan, and regardless of your budget, you will get access to the right vehicle!

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