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5 Day Food Trip in the South of Ireland

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February 27, 2024

5 Day Food Trip in the South of Ireland

See what a foodie tour from our Meath HQ to to the south of Ireland and back again could look like!

Besides its beautiful scenery, Ireland is also known for its delicious cuisine, and it's a perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy some of the best foods. If you have a couple of days to tour the Emerald Isle and try some foods, here's what your journey should look like: 

First Day: Meath to Kinsale 

To begin the trip, pick your campervan with us at Rambling Rover HQ in Meath and travel south towards Kinsale. This great coastal town boasts fresh seafood, and you can enjoy the local catch by visiting any seafood restaurant in the area. 

Where to try

Fishy Fishy - A high end fish restaurant serving only the best of Irish produce.

Second Day: Kinsale to Dingle 

When the night is over, leave Kinsale and travel towards Dingle. This town is found on the Dingle Peninsula and is an excellent place to try fresh seafood and traditional Irish pub meals. Set a target to explore the town and enjoy local cuisine that day. 

Where to try

Dick Macks - The perfect place for a pint of Guinness, stocks a big range of Irish whiskeys too.

guinness dingle

Third Day: Dingle to Galway City 

On your third day, keep going and head north to the City of Galway. This lively city offers the best-tasting street food and craft beers, and you can get local flavors in the nearby food markets or street vendors you'll find along the way. 

Where to try:

Kai - A near institution at this stage, perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fourth Day: Galway City to The Burren 

Today, travel to the east side, and that's towards The Burren. The landscape here is fantastic (it is one of Ireland's top tourist sites), and on top of that, you'll find various artisan food producers, so you should be ready to try local honey, cheeses, and other kinds of foods as you discover the place. 

Where to try

The Market House, Ennistymon - See all that the Burren has to offer with a deli, farm shop and butchers!

the burren clare

Fifth Day: The Burren to Dublin 

Travel back to Dublin City on your last day, return your campervan, and enjoy some delicious dishes, as Dublin is never short of great food. Whether you prefer gourmet restaurants or traditional Irish pub food depends on your budget. 

Lastly, going on a foodie tour to Ireland is the best way to enjoy the country's best meals. Whether you're trying cheeses in The Burren, sampling street food in Galway City, or indulging in fresh seafood in Kinsale, you'll definitely have the best time!

Do this trip in one of our campervan rentals and enjoy luxury! See some of our other 5 day road trips too.

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